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What sort of Flogger should I buy...?

A Guide to Buying Floggers

When you're starting out with Impact Play there can seem to be a bewildering range of floggers on the market today, such as Straight Tail Suede Floggers, Heavy Weight Loop Tail Suede Floggers, Braided Leather Floggers and even Suede Thong and Horse Hair Floggers, so a frequently asked question is "What sort of flogger should buy?"

Well here is a guide to help you make up your mind...

I’m a newbie to Impact Play, what’s a good flogger for a beginner?

If you are new to floggers, a recommended starting point would be a simple Straight Tail or Thuddy Loop Tail Suede Flogger

Light Weight Suede Floggers
Heavy Suede Loop Tail Floggers

As these floggers are made from soft suede they have a more thuddy impact than the "slap" of a Paddle or the "whip" of a Tawse or Riding Crop let alone the hard sting of a Braided Flogger or Cane.

Straight Tail suede floggers have a mostly thuddy impact with just a touch of a "flick" on the end of the tails (which does cause a little bit of sting), but if you want pure thud, then the "Loop Tail" floggers have a deep impact which penetrates down into the skin and muscle rather than the more surface-based impact of a cane or crop.

You can get a very sensuous feeling from these floggers since the soft thump of the impact radiates throughout the surrounding tissue and muscle without causing bruising (unless applied vigorously!)

I want a flogger that’s good for warming someone up

An important part of consensual Impact Play is the "warm up", where you start off applying a gentle sensation to your subject, giving them time to get used to it, before you move on to more serious play.

Black or White Horse Hair Flogger

The Horse Hair Floggers have a uniquely tingly sensation and are amazingly versatile, making them very good for warm-ups.

They can initially be gently brushed across the skin with a soft caress, then you can start to build up the impact very slowly by just sweeping the tips of the tails across the body. This will start to make the skin tingle and brings the blood towards the surface, encouraging the brain to create the body’s natural pain killers (called endorphins) which allow your subject greater enjoyment of strong sensations.

Having warmed up the skin you can flick the ends of the tails back and forth to spread the sensation around or use the body of the flogger for a more solid hit.

Horse Hair Floggers are one of the most versatile pieces of Discipline Equipment you can buy because of the variety of effects you can get from them. The fact that they are so light means that they can be applied to virtually any part of the body (the face should be avoided) and are recommended for any Dominant’s toy bag!

I’m fairly experienced with floggers and want something more intense

Suede Thong Flogger Black Red Purple

Cat o’Nine Tails

If you and want some sting in your Impact Play a Suede Thong Flogger or Cat o’Nine Tails may be a good choice.

The Suede Thong Floggers are a medium step between Horse Hair and the Braided Floggers, they’ve got a noticable "flick" on the end and certainly sting, but not as hard as the Braided Floggers (see below).

Cat o’Nine Tails come in different varieties, some may have thin thongs which give a light-weight flick to the surface of the skin, others have thicker thonging which gives a more concentrated sting and some even have 3/8 inch (10mm!) wide thick leather falls for an extremely intense sensation!

I’ve had a lot of experience with floggers, what do you suggest?

Braided Leather Floggers with Tabs

If you're a really experienced player (or you like a lot of sting in your tail!) then Braided Leather Floggers may be to your liking.

These Floggers are thin and whippy and have a very noticeable sting to them. They are akin to the Cat o’Nine Tails in their sensations.

Some Braided Floggers come with with leather tabs attached to the falls in either Black or Red which are actually slightly (but only slightly!) less intense than the Straight Tail Black and Red Braided Flogger because the leather tabs at the ends of the falls cause them to flutter slightly through the air, which slows them down a fraction and can cushioning the impact a bit, however that shouldn't delude you into thinking that these are not serious toys!

Whichever flogger you buy, don’t forget to keep your play Safe, Sane and Consensual!

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